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mathematics notebook

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   Rugis My scientific data visualization work.

   AMS AMS Open Math Notes.
   Arias-de-Reyna X-Ray of Riemann zeta-function.
   Borwein Computational strategies for the Riemann zeta function.
   Connes Alain Connes website.
   Connes An essay on the Riemann Hypothesis.
   Crisman Number theory.
   Crisman Prime counting formula.
   Dittrich On Riemann's Paper.
   Hyperpolyglot Computer algebra reference sheet.
   Langlands The work of Robert Langlands.
   Lean LEAN theorem prover.
   Li Riemann’s Explicit Formula.
   LMFDB Database of L-functions, modular forms, and related objects.
   Newman Simple analytic proof of the prime number theorem. Mathematics news.
   Quanta Quanta magazine.
   Riemann On the Number of Prime Numbers less than a Given Quantity.
   Stein William Stein website.
   Stack Exchange Mathematics Stack Exchange.
   Tao WordPress site of Terence Tao.
   Three Blue One Brown Animated math.
   Three Blue One Brown Inscribed rectangle proof.
   Watkins Number theory, primes, etc.
   Zagier Newman's short proof of the prime number theorem.

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